These pieces were inspired by wild weather - and emotions. Climate change and mental health have, individually, become topics we discuss daily. And yet they have a relationship that is only going to get stronger over time.

This month I created a selection of storm-inspired designs that also reflect the attrition of managing depression and anxiety. These designs are intended to acknowledge the influence weather has on our emotional well-being.

Coming soon I've got prickly, uneven clouds and dreary raindrops. Some have silver linings and others have a hint of sparkle. Look for twisters, overcast skies, and shimmering tears. There are raw, edgy pieces alongside cuter, softer ones. All are just a little bit unusual, as always.

These designs are about finding beauty in our messes and hope within the turbulence. All very abstract, for sure. But I wanted this particular update to be more open to viewers (and eventual keepers) finding their personal meanings with each piece.

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Storm photo by Josh Sorenson via Pexels