I created this collection to explore my love of mythology, legends, and all the weird stories that have captivated me since childhood. My goal was to create talismans, amulets, and even characters from these worlds. I wanted to craft objects that their keepers could use to bring the magic of those stories into this world and to carry that energy with them.

I drew on images from Greek and Norse mythology alongside ancient and contemporary legends. These designs were inspired by stories we've all heard, again and again, to the extent that the concepts sometimes traverse the divide between dreams and our waking world.

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Selene Moon Goddess

Philosophers Stone Alchemy

Dendritic Opal Dragons Egg

Banded Agate Dragons Egg

Huggin Muggin Yggdrasil

Crystal Oracle Spirit Quartz

Jötunn with Offering

Jötunn with Offering

Jörmungandr Bronze Ouroboros

8g Copper Cyclopes Weights

Carved Bone Medusa

Brass Holy Grail Red CZ